10 Must Have Drone Accessories


It happens to every flier. They grow to love being in the air and start wondering what’s next. We’re not just talking about buying a new drone, but seeing what can be done with the one you already have.

Depending on your goal, upgrading your drone will certainly be less expensive than buying a new one. Here are a few accessories you can grab now to make flying a new adventure.

Our List of Top 10 Drone Accessories

For the Beginner


Regardless of any claim of how sturdy they were constructed, your propellers are more likely to take a licking than any other part of the drone. Keeping an extra set or seven of propellers is probably the most practical move you can make as a drone owner. They only cost a few dollars each and will save you the trouble of unexpectedly ending a day of flying because of a mishap.

Propeller GuardsPropeller Guards

Guards will protect you and any potential bystanders should the unexpected occur. They will be useful if the UAV gets trapped in a tree, bounces off a building or – gulp!- gets caught in someone’s hair. Propeller guards can also personalize a drone via its selection of patterns and colors.


The best drones will fly up to 25 minutes (without a camera or other heavy payload). If you want to maximize your time in the air, always keep a few extra batteries on hand, potentially increasing your flight up to an hour or two. More if the batteries can quickly charge.

Carrying CaseCarrying Case

Treat your drone like the investment it is. The more expensive the unit was, the more you should want to protect it when not in use or during transport. Invest in a good case. Major brands tend to have a carrying case designed specifically for their drones with foam cushioning and space for cameras and other accessories.

Micro SD CardsMicro SD Cards

If your drone allows image capturing, you want plenty of cards to capture content. Drones are not designed like computers to hold terabytes or even gigs of video and photos. If you want to ensure you don’t have to start deciding what to delete to make room, be ready to swap out your cards.

Other AccessoriesOther Accessories

You can add some extremely cool swag to your drone. If its design doesn’t already have them, grab an LED light kit to enhance night flying, especially if you’re engaging in acrobatics. Have fun with it. Therof colors, flashing lights,spotlights and landing lights. A flight recorder will let you review flying in 3D. Get some decals, performance gear or crash packs.


For Everyone

Lighter PropellersLighter Propellers

Regardless of how light your propellers are, lighter ones will increase a drone’s speed and energy efficiency. Lower end drones typically have less reliable, heavier props and a swap out is easy enough. Of course, not every unit will allow an upgrade, but many do and the impact on your drone’s performance will be worth the cost.

Stronger BatteryStronger Battery

While extra batteries are definitely encouraged, see if your drone is compatible with a greater mAh to improve power and flight time. Most drones come with a power source for decent flight time in order to keep the price down, so there is usually a better option. You may also be able to upgrade the battery charger. This will speed up the recharge process. Unless, of course, you like sitting around waiting for a recharge. Go ahead. Talk to your dog.

Landing GearLanding Gear

Many drones have replaceable landing gear. It might be a good idea to go ahead and get new gear. What you want to aim for is a wider landing facility. This will allow recording video and taking pictures without accidentally getting gear in the image. The right landing gear can also lower the unit’s weight, and increase its height and width. These upgrades will make the drone easier to land, especially on rough terrains.



Courtesy of Frankly PM

The more expensive drones can come with a great camera. Some will allow swap outs for compatible devices. Cheaper options may not even take a camera. But you may be able to buy a specific gimbal for your model to add aerial photography and video to your adventures or to better control video and picture capturing if you already have image capture. Just make sure you factor in take off weight and size of camera, and how that will impact being in the air.

Even if you’re using the drone for professional purposes, drone flying should be fun. While certain accessories are purely for aesthetics, things like batteries, extra guards and propellers are practical choices for extending the drone’s life span. With the right accessories, you personalize the drone and heighten the “wow” factor of its appearance and performance.


Whenever you’re flying or for whatever reason, you can customize your flying drone so that it makes a distinctive statement or enhances the performance of the device. Whether they’re flying for fun or zooming across a flood area, we find drone owners like the idea of their drones being identifiable and fun. We have the tools and resources right here for finding the best ways to do that. Use them to enhance all your operations in the air.