Folks operating drones with cameras today probably couldn’t imagine how these devices have evolved in shape, function, diversification and performance over the decades. Believe it or not, the first RC car dates back to the 1940s. My grandfather owned one of those beauties. It had a nitro methane engine, was small and, while there was limited function, had precise control. I learned many years later he shouldn’t even of had one as they weren’t for commercial use. We played with that thing for hours at a time, but Gramps never told me how he got it.

To say I grew up with a love of RC toys would be an understatement. As a tech writer, I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of playing with the latest RC toys, sometimes up to a year before the general public sees them. I have a room full of gadgets that my wife and her friends refuse to stay out of. (But they know better than to touch Gramps’ car.

My name is Jack and when I got the email asking me to help the folks review and compile a comprehensive library of info about remote controlled quads and helicopters, the first thought that crossed my mind was “Who the hell are these guys?” But it didn’t take long to come around. This despite the fact the first time one of their reps met with me, he spent more time with my husband in the playground after raiding my toy room. Hey, maybe it was because of that!

All I can say is it’s been a blast. Whether you want to know about quadcopters, FPVs or even building a drone, we got you covered. I hope you have as much fun reading through this stuff as we had putting it together. We hope it leads to the kind of fun I’ve been having since playing with Gramps’ old RC car back in the day.  If you have any questions you can contact me via contact form.